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About Hip city

The realization that daily the inequality gap keeps widening, with the civic space shrinking due to sundry reasons, more women and young persons are locked in poverty and need for want, we therefore recognize that for global peace to be sustained and migration curtailed, young people and women must be trained and equipped with the right attitude, skills set and capacity to create wealth, speak up against all forms of violence and victimization and most importantly play critical role in decision making process. Therefore at HipCity Innovation Centre we commit ourselves to ensuring free and democratic access to information, sharing with groups that have difficulty to access.

Entrepreneurship training

We accept the responsibility to influence and cooperate with governmental institutions so long as the actions are approved in a democratic manner and are not in any used as a tool for victimization of the people. We recognize education as an inherent right of each human being. We defend the principle of free and public education so as to guarantee the accessibility of education to all in order not to impede the privatization of knowledge. We commit ourselves to promoting skills, knowledge transfer to help guide more youths and women into sustainable businesses, while engaging with policy shapers to make legislations that would guarantee that every human has equal rights and opportunities to become the best they can be through their imagination and innovation without any impediments or exclusion.

HipCity Innovation Centre is registered in Nigeria with the Corporate Affairs Commission with CAC No: CAC/IT/116821


We envision a world where everyone irrespective of the circumstances surrounding their existence have equal access to opportunities that would ensure that they attain self-actualization without fear of marginalisation, victimization or outright exclusion from issues that concern them.

Our mision

Our mission

Our mission is to help everyone especially youths have the right mind-set to create wealth through skills, coexist, value human rights, respect the rule of law, realise their full potential, and meaningfully become tools for positive sustainable development.

Main Areas

Entrepreneurship, Environmental Sustainability and Natural Justice, Innovation, Good Governance and Democracy, Peace and Conflict Transformation, Education, Gender, Advocacy and Policy Influencing.

a) To create opportunities for skilled youths to access job opportunities,
provide business support for Nigerians and Africans at sub national,
national and international levels.
b) To create economic empowerment interventions through skills
development and other related programs;
c) To promote awareness on gender-based violence and encourage young
people to serve as positive actors of change in peace-building, and
engage in other conflict-related issues;
d) To operate a skill centre where youths will be train on different skills,
engage teenagers and young persons in life changing training
programmes using Information Communication Tools (ICT)

e) To promote environmental and natural justice, environmental
sustainability, water, health and sanitation
f) Engage citizens and government in democratic processes, good
governance and sustainable development, elections and voters
education through policy recommendations and capacity building
g) Promote civic education, develop and support community literacy
interventions in education through human capacity development
h) To seek partnership with relevant entities in an effort to augment the
capacity of the Organization to deliver services to the people.
i) To serve as a medium for implementing projects on behalf of or with
other organizations, governmental or non-governmental whether local
or international;
j) To advocate against sectarian, racial, tribal and other forms of cruel
tendencies against peoples of various societies;
k) To engage in poverty-reduction programs;
l) To promote human rights, democracy, the rule of law, social justice, and
good governance

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