Hipcity Concludes Community Hall Meeting for Durumi I, II, III, IDP Camp Women

HipCity Innovation Centre recently held a significant community hall meeting for women from the Durumi I, II, III, and IDP Camp. The event, which was organized by the women, with support from Hipcity, aimed at addressing the challenges faced by these women.

HipCity’s Executive Director, during the community hall underscored the importance of community development and the power of collective action. He emphasized that the essence of the meeting was to listen to the challenges faced by the women, with the view to draw the government’s attention to their plight. He highlighted HipCity’s commitment to amplifying women’s voices and promoting community development, urging the women to think collectively and negotiate with the government for the common good.

The women shared various ways they have been improving their conditions. The women leaders noted their efforts in mobilizing women to keep the environment clean and other community and development efforts they have been embarking on after rigorous trainings conducted by Hipcity.

For the IDP women who recounted their harrowing experiences with Boko Haram, which forced them to flee to Abuja. They lamented the government’s neglect and the unsustainable conditions of their current living arrangements, appealing for permanent residence with basic amenities. They recalled the demolition of a community toilet they constructed due to land ownership issues and appreciated HipCity for teaching them to mobilize and speak with one voice.

The major challenges highlighted by the IDP women were, a permanent place to stay, lack of potable water, poor sanitary conditions and lack of WASH services, lack of medicines at the camp dispensary, no security, epileptic power supply.

The following solutions were proffered by the women to improve their condition, they stated- persistent advocacy for a permanent place by engaging with the AMAC chairman, seeking partnerships with hospitals for better healthcare and listing necessary medical supplies, constructing makeshift toilets to improve sanitary conditions despite potential demolitions, proactive measures to address poor security, such as funding local vigilantes and implementing community laws.

During the local lab session with Durumi I, II, and III women, they brain storm solution on various issues which included;

Maximizing existing junior school premises and engaging the community chief for safer school access, Collaborating with the local government for road repairs, Promoting the use of energy-saving devices, Sharing skills within the community and partnering with HipCity to request a borehole from RUWASSA, Working with the chief to finance vigilantes and control unauthorized access, Leading community clean-up initiatives.

Paul Berbee from Heinrich Böll Stiftung commended HipCity’s efforts and encouraged the women to continue advocating for their rights. Bassey reiterated the importance of women as agents of change and encouraged them to think of actionable ways to improve their community.

The women resolved to prioritize the completion of a primary healthcare center, market construction, and water boreholes. The high point of the meeting was a business coaching session on confectionery making by TPL Lami Ayuba for Durumi III women.

HipCity remains committed to supporting the Durumi community and advocating for the rights and development of its women.