Hipcity Attends Multi Stakeholders Breakfast Dialogue on Gender Democracy

We recently attended a breakfast dialogue convened by Dorathy Njemanze Foundation (DNF), on Gender Democracy, at Silver Crest Hotel, Gudu district, Abuja

The purpose of the meeting was to bring together experts and stakeholders across different sectors to brain storm and exchange ideas on, data, challenges, and experiences in relation to advancing feminist and gender issues in their respective field, foster intergenerational dialogue and explore opportunities for cross-sectoral collaboration and partnership-building.

During the brainstorming session, led by the Executive Director of DNF, Dorathy Njemanze, she reflected on previous stakeholder meetings where attendees identified gaps in civil service procedures, which are not favorable to women, the need to review the national gender policy. The conversation also emphasized the systemic changes needed to empower feminist movement across Nigeria for diversity and inclusion.

Participants seized the opportunity to propose actionable solutions tailored to their respective fields. From political participation to economic empowerment. Mentorship, access to funding, and governmental accountability emerged as important factors that promotes gender equality.

Among the challenges listed were tight regulations and bureaucratic hurdles that hinders access to funding, particularly for marginalized groups. In rural areas, infrastructural deficiencies exacerbated by insecurity was pointed out as threat to women’s well-being and economic stability.

Civil society organizations in their call to action, pledged to form a unified front, to advocate for policy enforcement and institutional accountability. Collaboration, they emphasized, was key to effecting meaningful change.

Education and capacity building trainings were commended as powerful tools for empowerment. Advocates stressed the importance of comprehensive sex education and environmental awareness, equipping women with the knowledge and agency to shape their futures.

An idiom stood out: “palm oil stains the hand, not just one finger.” The message was clear: gender equality is everyone’s concern, transcending boundaries and impacting all facets of society.