HipCity Empowers Women for Governance and Leadership

In a bid to amplify the voices of women in governance decision-making and equip them with essential leadership skills, HipCity organized a two-day leadership training for mapped local women from Sabo Iddo, Durumi I,II, III, IDP Camp and Karshi communities.

The event held at Women Environmental Programme office, Gaduwa Estate, Abuja.

The training aimed at empowering women to demand spaces in governance decisions, enhance their leadership capabilities, and prepare them for an upcoming town-hall meeting, was facilitated by Dr. Damilola Agbalajobi, an Associate Professor and Acting Head of Department, Political Science at Obafemi Awolowo, Ile-Ife, Osun, Nigeria.

The training commenced with introductory remarks from Mr. Bassey, emphasizing the importance of women’s participation in decision-making processes. He highlighted the upcoming town-hall meeting, where women would take charge with support from Hipcity. A representative of Henrich Boll Stifung, expressed delight at the engagement and encouraged the participants to actively participate in the training.

Taking the first topic- Understanding Women’s Role in Decision Making, Dr. Damilola Agbalajobi elucidated the intricacies of decision-making processes and the significance of women’s involvement. She outlined the steps involved in decision-making and emphasized the benefits of women’s participation, including the introduction of gender quotas, conflict prevention, and fostering inclusivity. Dr. Damilola also identified barriers hindering women’s participation, such as patriarchy, education level, and lack of confidence.

The facilitator explained electoral processes in Nigeria and the importance of self-confidence in pursuing leadership roles. Techniques for developing self-confidence were discussed, including positive affirmations and identifying role models. The session emphasized the different types of power and encouraged participants to recognize and harness their inner strength.

Explaining on how to develop mobilization skills essential for effective leadership, Dr. Damilola, emphasized on strategic planning and communication. Participants learned to leverage time management and delegation for impactful mobilization efforts. The session concluded with insights into teamwork and collaboration.

Other topics covered by the training was, communication skill and Knowledge about Leadership and Decision-making Roles.

Participants engaged in breakout sessions to deliberate on community challenges and propose solutions. Issues ranging from infrastructure deficiencies to unemployment were addressed, with solutions including community advocacy and collaboration with local authorities.

High point of the event were class activities, role plays and commitment by the women to share their skills and support other women in skills empowerment, to be the voice for other women. Others promised to mobilize more women to step down the training and encourage women to stand by their power.

Concluding the session, Mr. Bassey encouraged participants to leverage their newfound skills to drive community development and mobilize more women for their upcoming town-hall meetings. He emphasized the importance of women’s voices and urged them to stand out and add value to their communities.

The comprehensive training session provided women with the knowledge, skills, and confidence necessary to actively engage in governance and leadership roles, paving the way for inclusive and equitable decision-making processes.