Insights from a Resource Mobilization and Project Writing Training by SCALE Project

HipCity was an attendee of the just concluded Resource Mobilization and Project Writing Training conducted by the SCALE project, a project under the USAID.

The training kicked off with a warm welcome from Mr. John Edet, representing the SCALE Chief of Party. According to him, the goal of the SCALE project is to empower Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) in Nigeria by enhancing their managerial and advocacy capacities, with the primary focus on fostering transparency, efficiency, and accountability for improved service delivery in the country.

The training on Resource Mobilization Strategies facilitated by Mr. John explained that resource mobilization involves obtaining financial and in-kind contributions, both domestically and internationally. Domestic sources include family, friends, private foundations, and corporations, while strategies for mobilization encompass networking, public speaking, government partnerships, fundraising letters, crowdfunding, and social media presence.

He further explained the need to create a resource mobilization plan, emphasizing its purpose to increase core funding and strengthen organizational capacity. Other essential aspects covered were donor and stakeholder mapping, principles and ethics in resource mobilization.

The facilitator outlined the significance of project writing, detailing various types of proposals and the importance of a comprehensive proposal.

A major outcome of the training was enhanced participant’s ability to explore various ways of accessing resources for their organization and identify funding opportunities and landscapes.

By embracing these strategies and ethical principles, organizations can navigate the issues of fundraising and project implementation more effectively, fostering positive change and sustainable development.