HipCity Participates in Write for Rights Fiesta 2023

HipCity was in attendance for the Amnesty International’s Write for Rights Fiesta 2023. The activity is a global event that, draws attention to human rights issues worldwide. Held on December 6th, 2023, at the Franklin’s Center, Abuja, in commemoration of International Human Rights Day, this annual event leverages the power of letter-writing to inspire change and rally support for those whose rights have been unjustly denied.

The event’s Country Director, Isa Sanusi, shared insights into the roots of Write for Rights, tracing it back 20 years to Polish activists who initiated a 24-hour marathon letter-writing campaign. Today, this global movement has mobilized millions, urging world leaders to safeguard the rights of individuals and communities facing human rights violations.

Sanusi also noted that the event further aims to bring about change to the lives of people or communities that suffered or are at the risk of human rights violations.

The Keynote speaker, Prof. Yemi Akinseye-George, President Center for Socio- Legal Studies, in his compelling address, “UDHR@75; The state of Human Rights in Nigeria “, advocated for a new kind of human rights activism to champion the struggle for the enthronement of true or pro-people democracy in Nigeria.

The four-part lecture recalled the history of human rights in Nigeria before the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR), to the importance of UDHR, Hinderances to the realization of human rights in Nigeria and the prospects of implementation of human rights in the country as envisioned by UDHR.

In improving human rights in Nigeria, Akinseye-George emphasized key areas of improvements to include:

  • Revamping Civil Society Activism
  • Reform of the Legal System
  • Promoting Awareness and Education
  • Strengthening the Media
  • Improving government commitment
  • Strengthening Humanitarian efforts
  • Reforming the electoral process
  • Improving international Collaboration

He called on stakeholders to seeks ways of collaboration to bring about improvements in the human rights situation of the country.

Highlights of the event were video presentation of the overview of Writes for Rights, a musical drama on Human Rights (Human Live-ary), school tour video presentations, solidarity corner- where participants appended their signatures and words of encouragement to those whose rights were violated.

The Art competition among four talented artists added a creative touch to the impactful Write for Rights Fiesta 2023.