In terms of policy engagement, HipCity Innovation Centre mobilised young people and youth groups in Abuja to review the National Youth Policy; young people dissected the existing documents with the lens of finding gaps and proffering recommendations that will plug such gaps with the intention to give power and voice to youths in taking part in decision making that concerns them. This activity was supported by Youth Hub Africa.

In 2017, our organization was one of the few organizations that reviewed the Nigerian National Youth Manifesto on Agriculture, the manisfesto describes in clear terms how youths can be the drivers of the revolution in the agricultural sector, being aware that the Agricultural sector still remains the highest sector that offers employment to the ever-burgeoning youth population in Nigeria.

In terms of Advocacy, we were actively involved in catalysing young people to demand from their respective law makers to support the passage of the Not Too Young To Run Bill, and at the moment we are a coalition member of the #FundNationalLibrary Campaign- a movement of CSOs and NGOs who have mandated themselves to engage government to increase budgetary appropriations for the completion of the National Library Complex Abuja that has been abandoned, 16 years since the project was commissioned.

Yearly, we lead campaigns and advocacy to primary schools and communities to sensitize them on proper handwashing and the importance of toilets in a bid to dissuade the people from open defecation. During these periods we trained school kids and community members on the construction of Tippy-taps to promote proper handwashing.

As members of the Partnership Against Violent Extremism (PAVE)- A network of CSOs and NGOs working in conflict prone exposed communities, we have been active in developing counter messaging strategies with the network and
have mainstreamed preventing and countering Violent Extremism (PCVE) into all our activities and programs.