Youth Without Boundaries is an initiative of HipCity Innovation Centre that picks on trending issues affecting youths progress in their every day, these issues ranges from government policies, market trends, entrepreneurship etc.
Youth Without Boundaries has enjoyed robust buy-in from several stakeholders and has imparted greatly in the lives of youths.

Over the years, more than 100 youths have gain new knowledge, developed new skills that has helped them secured career growth and success.

Through our “Youths Without Boundaries” project – a brain child project of the organization that targets young people especially the skilled, entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs. Through this project we have successfully hosted about four (4) mini conferences on several issues that militate against the progression of young people in business, as well as guide youths who are interested in career jobs how to attract jobs that they desire.

HipCity Innovation Centre was the first youth-focused organisation with the support of Heinrich Boell Foundation to host a conference on Circular Economy: Green Jobs; Trends and Opportunities for youths. Our Youth Without Boundaries (YoWiB) has continued to serve as a knowledge management platform where young people find peer-mentors and also discuss freely their daily challenges as they wade through the waves of survival.